Who We Are

IGNITE (Inclusive Growth Network of Innovations Towards Empowerment) is a digital hub & online forum that invites individuals to spark conversations and share ideas that will create breakthrough changes in community development & poverty reduction.
We encourage all to get involved and ignite change, from technology partners & inventors willing to share their innovations as well as individuals & organizations with microcredit or business ideas, to banks, NGOs (Non-profit Government Organizations) & other financing institutions.

What We Do

IGNITE welcomes & showcases all e-money innovations for other markets to replicate through white-label consulting or outsourcing approaches, funded either by the MNOs (Multi National Organizations) or the bank themselves as well as through grants provided by international NGOs, such as IFC, CGAP, Gates Foundation, or World Bank.

Our Goals

Develop & foster projects & innovations that spark action & ignite long-lasting change towards developing marginalized communities & reducing poverty.
Propagate a digital platform where individuals come together to discuss their ideas, create synergies, & broker deals that help bring financial services & other products to vast numbers of the excluded & marginalized at much lower costs.
Introduce & establish IGNITE Forum as the digital hub for microcredit, a hub where individuals and organizations can share the best practices & work towards accelerating innovation in poverty reduction.